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Woolen Table Mat 4 layer White Violet BSWW0703

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Material: Woollen

Manufacturer : Bindu V S
Dimension :
Material : Woolen
State : Kerala

The woolen table mat is a quaint and cute thing. It is reasonably sized, and can be used to place your phone, decorative items, or dishes. The woven mat is washable, and the beautiful color doesn't fade easily.

Wool, shorn from sheeps, is completely natural and eco-friendly. It has a natural, soft, and luxurious feel, making it a favourite to weave mats and carpets with. The material is stain and soil resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.
Woolen is one of the oldest textile industries in India. There has been evidence to show that Aryans inhabiting the Indus Valley knew the uses of wool as far back as 5000 B.C. Woolen textiles were quite popular as cottage industries in India during the historical times. The durability and the shape retaining qualities of the material has made is very popular and widely used in the fashion and utility industry.

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