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Sitting Buddha 20 KZCW0701

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Material: Clay

Manufacturer : Keezhmad Society
Dimension : 14.5 x 10 x 20.5 cm
Material : Clay
State : Kerala


Buddha statue made with clay is a gorgeous piece of craft will enlighten your house with its natural beauty. Now a days everyone is very attractive to the statue of Buddha and wants to keep one statue in the house. This sitting buddha statue made in natural clay and colored to appear in a good looking.

Clay crafts are build using sticky mud known as clay by molding in the shape of the beautiful piece of craft by hand or by the mold created to ease the work and to build in the same shape. After the molding it, will put in the heat to harden it.

Gautama Buddha, popularly known as Buddha is regarded as the founder of the world religion of Buddhism. The Buddha was born into an aristocratic family in the Shakya clan, but eventually renounced lay life. According to Buddhist tradition, after several years of mendicancy, meditation, and asceticism, he awakened to understand the workings of the cycle of rebirth and how it can be escaped. The Buddha then traveled throughout the Gangetic plain teaching and building a religious community. The Buddha taught a middle way between sensual indulgence and the severe asceticism found in the Indian Sramana movement. The Buddha also critiqued the practices of Brahmin priests, such as animal sacrifice and the caste system.

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