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Round Plate Bird Wall Decor ISMC0704

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Material: Metal

Manufacturer : Isha Art n Craft
Dimension : 143.6 x 10.1 x 78.1 cm
Material : Iron Metal
State : Rajasthan

Metallic art decorated with lovely pair of birds sitting on a branch, enriched with a flow of magnificent light. The craft is designed on a contemporary style iron plate with a diameter of 78.1. This big size flamboyant craft makes complete canvas on your wall.

Rajasthan has a long and rich history of evolving art, with each century adding its own mark to the beautiful customs of crafts. From as early as the 1st century BC, the parched land has had a tradition of excellent craftsmanship, perfected over the centuries, and rich with cultural and historic significance. The detailed handcrafts of Rajasthan are a mesmerising blend of old culture, colours, heritage, and natural beauty. Historically, the kings and nobles of Rajasthan have been patrons of arts and crafts, encouraging the people to take up marble and wood carving, weaving, pottery and painting. The Rajasthanis have tried their hand at and excelled in working with every material that is available to them, and geometric designs and detailed patterns can be found in most of their brightly coloured creations. The handcrafts from Rajasthan have a unique style and are intricately carved and designed.

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