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Jute Glass type Round Pen Stand Flower HUJC0801

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Material: Jute

Manufacturer : Hasta Udyag
Dimension : 8.8 x 8.8 x 10.1 cm
Material : Jute
State : West Bengal
Glass model Pen stand made of Jute by the original makers of Jute from West Bengal. It will beatify your table with its natural color and finish. It comprises of a yellow flower design with colored jute thread.
Jute, the Golden Thread of West Bengal, has been used extensively for in various forms and for various purposes in handcrafts. Jute is used as raw material in the creation of various kinds of goods, ranging from shopping bags, intricately woven decorative pieces, mats and pots, and even houses are constructed with jute stick. Jute holds great significance in West Bengali culture, and it is a staple in the lifestyle of its inhabitants, evident in the presence of jute in a variety of crafts, handiworks, utilities and various elegant objects. Fabrics made from jute are decorated with tie and dye, block printing, and embroidery. The fabric is used for adoration and utilities, and display a very distinct style and character in design.

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