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SKU: Fancy Flowers & Flower Vases - Home Decors

Fancy Paper Flower White Plumeria FKPC1803

Availability: In stock
Material: Paper

Manufacturer : Temsy’s Heavenly Crafts
Dimension : 12.6 x 12.6 x 40.3 cm
Material : Paper
State : Kerala

These realistic paper flowers look fresh and pretty, and can add some charm to any space it occupies. The flowers are elegant, and dainty to display, bringing a fresh feel into your living space.
Paper craft has been practiced in India from ancient times. The benefits and utility of paper are beyond comparison. Paper in various forms has been used in so many ways that it is not easy to trace the history of the origins of paper craft, especially in India. Under Mughal rule, paper was extensively used both in royal and administrative works, particularly in the form of farmans or scrolls of messages. During this time, paper craftsmen lived together in localities known as the ‘kagazi mohallas’. Today, paper crafts cover a large ambit of artistry ranging from paper toys, stencils, paper cuts to papier-mâché items.

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