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Desktop lampshade UIBC0403

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Material: Bamboo

Manufacturer : Uravu, Wayanad
Dimension : 13.9 x 23.9 x 36.5 cm
Material : Bamboo
State : Kerala
Inverted pot shaped bamboo lampshade with wings is the best choice to transform your space. A soft light that emanates from a majestic art piece is a perfect combination. It adds an impression of pride to the place that wears it.
Wayanad is a hilly forest area in Kerala, where the people live in harmony with nature, is noted for its wood crafts, particularly bamboo weaving. The handcrafts of Wayanad are reminiscent of the simple lifestyle of the people, and bamboo weaving, a traditional craft, has been a major source of income for many artisan families and villages over the years. Bamboo artisans weave utility products such as baskets and mats, as well as various household items. The pieces are crafted with deft fingers, into beautiful shapes that are sturdy and elegant. Bamboo products are known for their durability, and are very lightweight. Utility is an important aspect of bamboo craft in Wayanad. Most of the pieces made here are eco-friendly handcrafted utilities that can be useful, and not just showpieces. The bamboo craft emphasises the closeness to nature and the heritage of conservation.

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