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Cup with Coconut Shell SPCS2101

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Material: Coconut Shell

Manufacturer : Mudra Decors
Dimension : 8.2 x 10.1 x 8.2 cm
Material : Coconut Shell
State : Kerala

The coffee/ tea cup hand-crafted using fine coconut shell is nothing but artistry. The polished and lustrous finish enhances its natural aesthetics. A brilliant show piece that doesn’t lack in its utility and comfort. Add a natural flavor to each sip and feel its goodness.
Coconut, the trademark of Kerala, has found its way into our lives not just as food, but as forms of art and craft too. Much beloved in God's Own Country, the coconut has been put to many uses inside the kitchen, as well as outside it. The husk has been used in crafting, to make mats and rugs, and to make ropes. The hard shell too, is used by artisans to create beautiful showpieces and utilities. Coconut crafting and rope making are means of livelihood for many people across Kerala. The leaves of the coconut tree are handy as well, used by communities to weave into roofs and fences for small huts. The use of coconuts and its various parts in everyday life holds great cultural significance in Kerala, and you will surely find something derived from a coconut tree in every household in the state.

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