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Bottle with Nangeli Clay Work AABW0702

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Material: Glass Bottle

Manufacturer : Anima Artium
Dimension : 7.6 x 8.8 x 27.7 cm
Material : Glass Bottle
State : Kerala

This glass bottle has a story to tell, depicting a clay sculpture of village-legend Nangeli, from erstwhile Travancore, in a historic moment. Capturing the pivotal moment of a legendary story, the work is handcrafted, and a single piece of its kind. The unique design and antique finish give the bottle a beautiful look, and emphasizes a story within, and a tale to remember.
Nangeli was an Ezhava woman who lived in the early 19th century at Cherthala in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore in India, at a time when untouchability was a social system. At the time, women from lower castes weren't allowed to cover their breasts, as a symbolic homage to the upper castes. A tax called the 'breast tax' was imposed on women from lower castes, which they had to pay if they wished to cover their breasts in public. According to the legend, the village officer arrived at Nangeli's home to inspect her breasts and collect the breast tax. Nangeli, revolting against the harassment, cut off her breasts and presented them to the officer in a plantain leaf. Although Nangeli died soon after from loss of blood, her story inspired many revolts against the unfair system, and she has become an icon of struggle and resistance.

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