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Bottle with Corona Care Clay Work JJBW0704

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Material: Glass Bottle

Manufacturer : Jipsy Jose
Dimension : 8.8 x 7.6 x 22.7 cm
Material : Glass Bottle
State : Kerala

A unique work in glass bottle as the memorandum to the way we cared our self to protect from the Corona Virus. It is comprised with projected clay work and painting in an amazing way.

Bottle art is the new craft form of the century. Glass bottles are one of the waste materials emitted in huge quantity, these days. Creation of this art form transformed Glass bottles to attractive art works to decorate in your living spaces. Bottles are decorated with Clay, coconut shell, egg shell, painting, etc. Glass bottles provide excellent three dimensional platforms for sculptures and paintings. Bottle art has initiated a new era in crafting by blending waste management and craft.

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